Sugary Sesame Deep Fried Dough



Portion: 10 pieces
Preparation time: 30mins
Cooking time: 5mins
Cost: SGD 10

10 doughs defrosted
Sesame oil
Powdered sugar

What's Special:
Using sesame oil gives the fragrant for this sweet dough and the sprinkled sesame seeds on it.
Dipping into powdered sugar removes the oily taste on the taste buds. This gives a light taste to a deep fried dough which is rare.

1) In a boiling pot of sesame oil, add in the dough.
2) Remove immediately when turned golden brown and leave it on paper towels till excess oil are absorbed.
3) Enjoy right away dipped in the powdered sugar with the family.


Hi there, do you happen to have a recipe for your dough? This looks like a dish I'm currently missing from my childhood. =]

What is the black stuff in the center of the dough in picture? Don't see it in the ingredients...

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