Ketchup Gravy Giant Meat Filled Fishballs

Portion: for 3 adults
Preparation time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins
Cost: SGD 40

12 premium giant meat filled fishballs
200g premium chicken fillet cubed
4 premium large red onions diced
4 premium whole sweet tomatoes chopped
2 cups garlic chopped
1 cup shallots chopped
1 cup fried shallots
1 cup chicken stock
Premium sugar
Premium ketchup
Premium olive oil
Premium salt
3 bowls premium cooked white rice

What's Special:

The aesthetically interesting ketchup giant fishballs are surrounded with chicken and meat fillings that give it a satisfying trail of a series of meat munching treat well balance with the onions and garlics that suppresses the heaviness of meatiness and leaves a filling yet light feel on the nursed stomach.


1)Deep fry the onions, shallots and garlic, in olive oil for 5 mins or till fragrant but not burnt. Fry the tomatoes, chicken and fishballs for 5 mins.
2)Add stock, salt, sugar and sauces to simmer for 15 mins.
3)Complete satisfying the family's munching delight with hot steamed white rice to go along.


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