Wong Bak Beancurd Scallop Soup



Portion: 3 adults
Preparation time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 15 mins
Cost: SGD 40

2 whole large premium Wong Bak cut into broad strips
1 premium tofu tub for soup cut into bite-sized cubes
30 premium preserved button mushroom
5 soup bowls of chicken and bacon stock
1 whole garlic separate into cloves
200g fresh scallops blanched and minced
Salt to taste and 8 slices ginger (optional)

What's Special:

The heart warming hot soup increases my appetite and whenever any of my family members have a cold, adding ginger to this already wonderful broth dispels the trouble and for the healthy, enhances the general taste with its spiciness. This is suitably an everyday dish to be appreciated by all.

1) Soak, wash, peel and cut the Wong bak leaves into strips.
2) Into a pot of boiling chicken stock, add in all the ingredients under big flame for 5 mins and simmer for the remaining 10 mins.
3) Serve with steamed white rice and enjoy the family warmth.


Does this really look like what the doctor ordered! Yum!

Yes, before and after. Happy sharing. Cheers !

hmmm thanks chef for this sharing !!
And now on my blog yoo will find recipes in english cheers ierre


Thx for visiting my blog, dear. This way I met you :)

A nice (family-friendly :) blog...

Cheers from Istanbul,

Pierre : You are most welcome. Yeah ! Visited your blog. Happy sharing. Cheers !

B.B.B. : You are most welcome. Thank you very much too for sharing. Yeah ! See you too. Cheers !

This sounds so good with scallops! I would love to try this recipe very soon!

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