Grin Or Range of Prawns O'er Curls N Egg




Portion: for 3 adults
Preparation time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins
Cost: SGD 45

1500g premium prawn de-veined and shelled
200g premium chicken fillet cubed
6 premium whole farm eggs boiled
3 cups premium sweet sour and spicy vegetables
1 cup garlic chopped
1 cup shallots chopped
1 cup fried shallots
3 cups chicken and fish mix stock
Premium soya sauce
Premium olive oil
2 teaspoon salt
3 bowls premium cooked curly noodles

What's Special:

Get pampered with the abundance of prawns in appetizing sweet, sour and slightly spicy soup of fun, curly and bouncy noodles your family will indulge in.


1)Deep fry the shallots and garlic, in olive oil for 5 mins.
2)Add prawns, fillet, vegetables, eggs, stock, salt, sauces and simmer for 15 mins.
3)Add the noodles in the family pot for a hot meal to enjoy...


I love these noodles I wish I could have the same prawns In France !
Where ar you located ,
cheers from Paris

Cheers to you, pierre. Wherever you are, happy dining with your love ones with my Family Cuisine Food And Recipe.

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