Healthy Tuna And Pregnant Mothers

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Many tales are spun about the ills of seafood when consumed during pregnancy. As a measure of precaution, the advice many skeptics promote is to stay away from any food of unknown ills. Not that all the time they are wrong, only that at times when the right course is not taken, our mothers and babies suffer. Such tales are that seafood will make pregnant women become seasick after pregnancy. Even more serious is that the babies will smell or develop fishy characters.

For our family of mothers, we consume much healthy tuna as we enjoy the heirloom family recipe of tuna with mushrooms and ginger. There is not a trace of depression in the family history as we anticipate with joy the coming of new births.

In July's issue of Epidemiology pregnant mothers ate fish at least three times per week and had the lowest level of risk for symptoms of depression. The DHA present is needed for the well development of the brains and eyes in babies.Seafood also has many other nutrients that benefit pregnant moms and their growing babies that excel in lean protein, vitamin D and calcium.

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