Rich Coconut Creamed Laksa


Portion: 3 adults
Preparation time: 20mins
Cooking time: 18mins
Cost: SGD 30

3 packets highest quality Laksa paste
1 small bottled premium Laksa chilli
1/2 small packet fresh coconut cream
200g premium dried shrimps grounded
5 pieces premium Dao Bok
2 blocks fish cake sliced
100g pemium small shrimps shelled and de-veined
1 stalk Laksa leaves finely chopped
2 soup bowls of chicken stock
500g premium boiled pre-cooked thick rice noodles
Peanut oil

What's Special:
The highlight here is the addition of coconut cream that thickens the whole soup. Having a rich cream soup base needs also additional dried prawns and fresh ones to balance the whole dish or the cream will be over whelming. Do make sure all ingredients are of high quality as indicated for the authentic difference to serve you right.

1) In a pot, bring the chicken stock to a boil under big flame for 10 mins. Concurrently, in a pan of hot peanut oil, pan fry the dried shrimps till fragrant.
2) Add into the pan in this order, frying continuously: small shrimps, Laksa paste, Laksa chilli, coconut cream and a ladle scoop of stock.
3) Transfer all mixture from the pan to the pot of remaining stock. Add in Dao Bok and simmer with lid closed for 5 mins. Add in the fish cake for 2 mins.
4) Remove and serve in 3 soup bowls of just boiled cooked noodles garnished with Laksa leaves for a family Laksa brunch.....


This looks yummy - but seriously $30 for ingredients sounds abit steep to me.

maybe I've been away from asia for too long.

kang at

No worries, you may still enjoy by choosing less costlier ingredients and come up with your own recipe. Have A Great Time !

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