Black Pepper Shallot Crab


Portion: for 3 adults
Preparation time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 15 mins
Cost: SGD 78

2 large premium crabs cleaned, de-bowel and shell cracked

Sauce :
1/5 cup premium ground black pepper
1/8 ginger juice
1/8 cup minced garlic
1/8 cup minced shallot
1/5 cup salted low starch solution
1/8 cup premium shallot oil
2 tablespoon salt
2 stalk shallot shoot

2 stalk shallot shoot

Assorted Nuts

What's Special:
Using shallot oil will enhance the whole dish to be overwhelmingly "shalloty" together with the other fragrant spices to rid the raw smell of crabs.

1) Steam the crab for 10 mins.
2) In a wok of hot shallot oil, add in the rest of the ingredients for sauce and fry for 5 mins till fragrant.
3)Put in the crab and stir fry for another 10 minutes.
4)Garnish and dine with assorted nuts and steamed white rice.


Wow...a yummy crab ! Must try your recipe ! Thanks

oooooo... Yummy!!! :)

Have you tried the ones with thicker black pepper sauce? ;)
I'm not sure if you can get any black pepper from Sarawak in Singapore? If you can find it in Singapore, it's gonna be great!!! :)

Check out the pic of my recent black pepper crabs which I hate it at Cita Rasa Seafood stall...

If you do ever come to Kuching, I can always bring you around for food!

I love your site! mmmm....

Sounds really delicious! Sarawak has really good quality pepper!

Joie de vivre: Haha thank God for the food always!

Our Food Recipes: Thanks yes indeed it is a yummy goodie crab!

YY: Thanks for the compliment. Thicker pepper sauce? Hahaha it may be a little too spicy for me! Glad you like the recipes!

Pigpigcorner: Haha thanks and they are indeed tasty!

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