Garlic Special Spread Swiss Bake

Portion: 3 Adults
Preparation time: 10 mins
Cost: SGD 12

1 loaf toasted sliced Swiss Bake multi-grain bread

1 whole garlic minced
1 finely chopped cilantro
1 stalk finely chopped parsley
Dashes of rosemary powder
1 bottle premium garlic spread
Premium butter spread
Premium cheese spread

What's Special:
To introduce a refreshing taste of this heavy spread, fresh parsley are used to balance the greasiness of the spread, hence the family will feel light after a heavy stomach. If a heavier meal is expected, try a mushroom soup to dip in.

1) Prepare the spread by mixing all the ingredients in a serving bowl.
2) Spread or dip in!


Ummmmm...Garlic. I will definitely have to try this one.

hello Melissa yup garlic is good stuff I like garlic too. It mixes well with many food.

HeY...More the Garlic the better:D
,gonna try it!

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