Prawn Noodles Seafood Soup


Portion: for 3 adults
Preparation time: 20mins
Cooking time: 15mins
Cost: SGD 25

500g premium prawns shelled left the last section and de-veined
Prawn Stock from the cleaned prawn heads and shells
2 slabs premium fish cake
Deep fried shallots
2 balls of boiled cooked yellow noodles
2 balls of boiled rice thin noodles
Premium Chili Powder

What's Special:
The fine touch at the end of Premium Chili Powder and Deep fried shallots gives the thumb up for prawn noodle lovers for spiciness and fragrance. Remember when everything is washed clean, the prawn broth would be the fragrant and sweet reward.

1) Cook in 3 soup bowls of water, prawn shells and head for 15mins and remove them.
2)Stir in the fish cake and fresh prawns for 5 mins. Remove everything from heat.
3)Put in the final touch of shallots and chili powder onto the boiled noodles and rice noodles.
4)Pour the broth and ingredients over.
5)Celebrate under a cooling fan the piping hot cuisine.


This looks really really good

Yeah! Indeed It is Yummy! Thank You And Have A Great Time !

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