Cook well, exercise well

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As you have been reading my recipe posts, you will realize for one thing, that my family and I are food lovers. Some of us may measure our food intake in terms of calories, or portions of food taken in proportion adhering to a certain health standard. Well as for me, I chose none of these in the past. I was looking into the mirror one day and then the scale to my dismay. I need to shed off those pounds before those pounds shed my spouse off our love nest.

And so I jump start into carrying those dumbbells for my arms. I feel I am being effective at least on the first day where I panted and feel myself drenched with effort to move those heavy arms so much.

What happen the next day is a greater dismay. My hands felt so tight and I have to take leave through my beloved spouse as my arms are all occupied with what I know later as lactic acids. After a week, I know I am lucky to be well again, yet the pounds still remain and having survived such an ordeal, I learn to seek for proper tool and motivation online in my tight schedule.

I am glad, I have as my one stop resource. Since then, I learn I need to stretch and divide my dumbbell curls in sets and with lighter weights to dissipate those lactic acids and to have aerobic exercises for my body muscles that go through weights training. These information really put me in good shape the sensible and secure way. I love easy to follow steps so as to have a long term engagement with the exercise program. I have also learned about sensible diet and incorporate them into my lifestyle.

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