Scallop, Potatoey, Carroty Chicken and Tomatoes

Portion: for 3 adults
Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins
Cost: SGD 45

5 premium American potatoes cubed
300g premium chicken meat finely minced
13 premium whole dried scallop shredded
1 cup premium shallots and garlic chopped
4 premium carrots and tomatoes cubed
1 cup premium rich chicken stock
Premium tomato sauce, soya sauce and oyster sauce
Premium olive oil
Premium salt to taste

What's Special:
A very effective way to attract your family members and bring them to increase their favor to have more of this alluring flavor.


1)Deep fry the potato, carrots, shallots and garlic, in olive oil for 5 mins.
2)Add all the ingredients and simmer in the stock mixed for 15 mins till all are soft.
3)Dine in with any soft pasta and the family cuisine set below for the ready family.

My Family Cuisine Set:
Enjoy a fuller family cuisine with my set.....
Our Set Dining Experience:
We have plenty of garlic spreaded swiss bake topped with scramble onion eggs and scallopy chicken potatoes and the sauce. The evening is filled with the exciting conversations and food tasting of the delicious mix that is so rich yet made light by the softness of this dish introduced here. It is a wondrous gather showered with the fragrance of the garlic bake, the homely eggs, mellowness of the scallop and family love communicated under one roof. For Music Ambience ... try a Love Ballad.


All in one meals are the way to go, thanks for a new one to try.

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